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If you are thinking of choosing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM solutions), many things may come to mind. Production is probably not one of them. But to produce the pepper all over, can teach us a thing or two about choosing the all-encompassing solution that leaves nothing to be desired.
Peppers, as well as bring some healing properties to the table, with a wide range of colors and flavors from mild to spicy or sweet and delicious. ECM solutions are very similar. It can be tempting to find a solution that "taste" a really good choice. If you are the only part of the solution, your organization may be in order. But, more than likely, you have realized that you need a solution that can support a wide range of fully integrated set of strengths and capabilities.
ECM is aimed at the management of enterprise information easier through simplifying storage, security, version control, process routing, and retention. Among the advantages of a better efficiency of the organization, better control and reduced costs. For example, many banks have kept copies of old checks within ECM systems than the old method of converting physical checks in massive paper storage. Under the old system, which may require a copy of the customer control take weeks, because the bank staff had contacted someone camp to get the right box, file and verify that you get the check, make a copy and then mail the bank which would then be charged to the customer. ECM system for the bank staff in the system, but the customer's account and the search request control number. If the image displayed on the control on the screen, are immediately delivered to the customer who usually while the customer is still on the phone.
Over time, companies achieve more and more "pockets" of productivity of these technologies, it was clear that the EDMS various supplement products categories. Other organizations have wanted to take advantage of multiple EDMS products. Consider a customer service when imaging may, document management and workflow together to resolve customer issues agents best example. Similarly, you can access the supplier invoices that represent the ERM system, purchase orders, imaging systems, and contracts resulting from the document management system as part of the workflow approval. As an organization established presence on the Internet, they had to present information on the Internet, the web content management required. Organizations, each department was started now introduce automation more benefit from a wider use. Many documents between multiple departments and processes affect different.
The move to integrated solutions EDMS shows only the general trend in the software industry: continuous integration of point solutions into larger solutions. For example, until 1990, stand-alone software products for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Then the market moved toward integration.


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